10 Men: Fluid Unique Brave

The brand new 10 Men Magazine has launched with 4 amazing covers that celebrate the fluidity of gender. Three hundred and eighty four pages of new season fashion delights out now!


Fernando Cabral wearing EMPORIO ARMANI photographed by Benjamin Lennox, styled by Garth Spencer.

Hair: Lyndell Mansfield 

Make-up: Sharon Dowsett

Photographer’s assistants; Pablo Freda and Jori Komulainen 

Fashion assistants: Dominic Cadogan and Kathryn Rust 

Digital operator: Freddy Lee 

Casting: Beth Dubin


Benoît Michel wearing HAIDER ACKERMANN, photographed by Quentin de Briey, styled by Hector Castro. 

Hair: Alexander Soltermann

Make-up: Houda Remita

Photographer’s assistants: Paul Jedwab and Simon Nagel 

Fashion assistants: Elena Psalti, Sid Yahao Sun and Vincent Thibault 

Casting: Simone Bart Rocchietti 

Street casting: Martin Franck and Christopher Landais 

Producer: Anne-Sophie Krissi

On-set producer: Carlos Esteves


Elias de Poot wearing BALENCIAGA, photographed by Blommers and Schumm, styled by Gary David Moore.

Hair: Matt Mulhall

Photographers’ assistant: Vytas Kumas

Fashion assistants: Nico Carmandaye and Felix Paradza

Casting: Piotr Chamier 

Production: Emily Miles at Mini Title


Willow and Roberts wearing PRADA AW17, photographed by Harry Carr, styled by Jack Borkett. 

Grooming: Kiyoko Odo

Photographer’s assistants: Alessandro Tranchini and Federico Radaelli

Fashion assistants: Caio Reis and Riccardo Zanola

Casting: Madeleine Ostlie at AAMO 

Casting Production: Romain Nougaret at Cadence Paris