Art in Quarantine with Alexandre Desmidt

With everyone around the world being in some sort form of quarantine, we chatted with artist Alexandre Desmidt of Artsphere to see what they've been getting busy with during this time.

"When the French government declared national lockdown, I found myself alone in my studio in Montreuil. Inspired by solitude and the behavioral changes it brought up, I started sketching a number of naked and half naked silhouettes, sitting, laying down, contemplating the different ways to undress and to twist the human body. As the fashion industry is standing-by, I wanted to set clothing and apparel aside, and focus on what's underneath. Behind closed doors, the body is set free. Self-isolation as an opportunity for experimentation. Knowing it would be weeks before i would get out of my studio, I could bring those sketches to bigger scale boards and spent days exploring larger-than-life skin pigmentation, muscle definition and alien-like attitudes."

Take a look at below.