Body as Costume

This Photographic series explores how the body is the tool in shaping society’s concepts of gender, sexuality, and sex. ‘Body as Costume’ is an effort to lessen the dictation of gender boundaries and a call for redefining the ideals of male beauty and of gender identities in our culture. The title refers to gender as a socially constructed idea that we project onto our bodies and bodily experiences. I created this Series to deal with the frustration that was created in me by our society’s need to treat people as canned sardines by putting them in asphyxiating boxes of what is normal. If history has anything to teach us is that racism, sexism, homophobia and rape culture, among others, all can be traced back and attributed to our expectancies of and attitudes towards gender. I am calling for a revolutionary act to create a new wave of feminism, drawing ideas about gender from the second and third wave of feminism that were not fully exploited and solely address male femininity.

Photography Petros Aronis

Model Konstandinos Georgopoulos