Exclusive: Nostalgic Dolls by Gino Ward

This collection was inspired by the artist Michel Nedjar and the dolls he created throughout the early and late 90's. These dolls were his way of coping with personal problems in his life. The dolls were intensely stitched with different thicknesses of thread, giving each doll he’d created a unique personality and character. Lynn Yaung wanted to reflect that intensity from his dolls through their own interpretation within the collection by placing vibrant colours together in forms of patchwork, creating their own “dolls.”

Photography Gino Ward (@callmegino)

Designs Lynn Yaung (@L.L.yaung)

MUA Kumiko Ando (@andokumiko)

Models Kobe Darko, Nate Acebal, Alan Eiji Goodman, Conor Tuke & Harry Wiffen