Flint James Mcdonald Lookbook

The Tribulations of an Educated Pauper who became a Dandy in the Underworld

"For this collection I began with reference to 80’s New Romanticism where I considered the notion of wearing historical dress, referencing similarities between male and female attire and the exploration found in the art of 'getting ready’ and bettering one’s self with delusions of opulence. With this in mind I researched poignant individuals throughout history whose delusions and lifestyles accounted to their fame (i.e Beau Brummel, Anita Berber and Kitty Winter) and wanted to convey a sense of debauchery within my collection whilst capturing the ritualistic nature which comes with the performative gesture of preparing oneself for an occasion. Exploration of gender is a reoccurring theme within my work when looking to antiquated dress codes of androgynous costume. Looking closely to the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries I attempt to challenge the distinction between gendered dress, which was once less prevalent, and also toy with delusions of grandeur and living out with our means" - Flint James Mcdonald.

Photography Furmaan Ahmed 

Designer Flint James Mcdonald 

MUA Madeleine Virginia Brown

Hair Claudia Veneroni

Set Furmaan Ahmed & Claud Veneroni

Models Samuel Froggatt, Patrick Williams, Elias Elmo Wahlström