Photography Paco Peregrín

Styling Mario Ville (Kattaca)

HMUA Javier Sevillano using NYX for NiM Salón

Model Edward Aponza with Monroe

Photography Assistant Jorge Algaba

Styling Assistant Felipe Sierra

Metal armor and helmet “Manuel Albarran”, skirt and trousers “Ana Locking”, scarfs “Masturbantes”, pearl helmet “Peter Sposito” and accessories “It-Spain”

Pearl helmet “Peter Sposito”, earrings in the face “Pretty Rumour” and necklace “Bijou Brigitte”

Trousers and cape “Euphemio Fernández”, yellow belt “Wrangler”, top belt in leg “Tommy Hilfiger” botton belt in leg “Levi’s”, boots “Tommy x Lewis Hamilton”, balaclava “It-Spain and fishnet stockings “Calzedonia”

Jeans “Levi’s Premium”, neon bag and sneakers “Berskha”, metal armor and helmet “Manuel Albarran”, giant dream catcher and balaclava “It-Spain” and sunglasses “Oakley”

Necklace “Accessorize” and chains “Parfois”

Jeans “Levi’s red Tab” and clogs “Birkenstock”

Boxer “Tommy Hilfiger Underwear”, watch right hand “Michael Kors”, watches left hand “Diesel”, socks “H&M”, necklace “Accessorize”, chains “Parfois”, belt “Bijou Brigitte” and sneakers “Onitsuka Tiger”

Metal helmet “Manuel Albarran”, scarfs “Masturbantes” and pearl helmet “Peter Sposito”

Trousers “Antony Morato”, boxer “Calvin Klein Underwear”, socks “Happy Socks”, sandals “Birkenstock by Rick Owens”, necklace in the head and pendant “Bijou Brigitte” and shirt in the waist “Desigual”

Overall and accesories “It-Spain”, boots “Premiata”, both backpack “Eastpak”, vest “Herno” and necklace over head “Parfois”.

Boxer “Tommy Hilfiger Underwear”, scarf “Masturbantes”, pearl helmet “Peter Sposito”, earrings in the face “Pretty Rumour” and necklace and bracelets “Bijou Brigitte”