This editorial was created to fully express the softness, sensuality and structure RUXWOOD embodies. 

From Jussy: “For the visual identity of RUXWOOD, we aim to create a blank canvas that allows human form to take center stage so we can fully celebrate it’s naturalism. For this editorial we chose negative space, line continuity, and a marriage of low and high contrast to outline Isa’ah’s expression." 

From Isa’ah: “I show my sensuality through movement, I harness that energy and make it my own. It opens the doors to channel true confidence within yourself and self expression. I wasn’t always like this - how you express your sensuality is something that’s always evolving as you do. The more you understand yourself, the more you understand how to express your sensual nature.” 

RUXWOOD’s mission is to provide tools, products, and education to facilitate growth on one’s sensual journey. The confidence that comes with knowing yourself at the deepest level is transcendent. RUXWOOD empowers sensual growth with their app, BLACKBOOK. The app is a journal to monitor and reflect on your sensual experiences. Users can grow in their sensual awareness by organize by name and date. For best results it is suggested to reflect often. Visit RUXWOOD online at RUXWOOD.COM. 

Photography Justin “Jussy” Gilbert 

Model Isa’ah 

Creative Assistant Bronze Avery